This message was revised on 26.09.2023.

ERSTE STOCK RUSSIA (AT0000A05S97 (A) (EUR R01); AT0000A05SA6 (T) (EUR R01); AT0000A08EF9 (VTA) (EUR R01), AT0000A08EG7 (VTA) (CZK R01), AT0000A09GQ9 (VTA) (HUF R01) effective 07.10.2022

Unitholders will be notified directly of the termination in accordance with § 133 InvFG 2011.


Details can be found at:


ISIN: AT0000A05S97, AT0000A05SA6, AT0000A08EG7, AT0000A08EF9, AT0000A09GQ9

Historical net asset values, annual reports & prospectuses can be found here

You can find the annual liquidation report here.