Fund segregations

ERSTE BOND DANUBIA - segregation of illiquid fund assets as of 23 November 2023

For the fund ERSTE BOND DANUBIA, the illiquid, non-fungible assets of the fund will be segregated effective 23 November 2023. These assets with the designation “ABW ERSTE BOND DANUBIA – Investmentfonds in Abwicklung” will be wound up starting on 23 November 2023. Due to the execution of the segregation of illiquid Russian assets of the listed fund (§ 65 InvFG 2011), unit certificate transactions will be suspended for this fund starting on 20 November 2023. The remaining, liquid assets of ERSTE BOND DANUBIA can be dealt in again starting on 24 November 2023.

The unit-holders will be informed of the segregation directly in accordance with Section 133 of the InvFG 2011.

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Exchange ratio:

In contrast to the split ratio of the unit certificates of 1:1, the amortised cost will be allocated at a ratio of 98.23816% (segregated fund ERSTE BOND DANUBIA) to 1.76184% (segregated assets or side pocket ABW ERSTE BOND DANUBIA – Investmentfonds in Abwicklung).  


You can find the regular quarterly report and the annual liquidation report here.