Segregation, segregation date, segregation ratio


The segregation pursuant to § 65 (1) InvFG 2011 was approved by way of a decision issued by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) on 20 September 2023 bearing the identifier GZ FMA IF25 6998/0001-INV/2023. The fund affected by the segregation is ERSTE BOND EM GOVERNMENT LOCAL. The designation of the segregated assets is ABW ERSTE BOND EM GOVERNMENT LOCAL – Investmentfonds in Abwicklung. Erste Asset Management GmbH serves as the management company and Erste Group Bank AG as the depositary bank.

Segregation date: 24.11.2023. Start of liquidation: 24.11.2023.

In contrast to the split ratio of the unit certificates of 1:1, the amortised cost will be allocated at a ratio of 99,69945% (segregated fund ERSTE BOND EM GOVERNMENT LOCAL) to 0,30055% (segregated assets or side pocket ABW ERSTE BOND EM GOVERNMENT LOCAL – Investmentfonds in Abwicklung).  

The fund prospectus including the fund rules and the key information document for the fund affected by the segregation, ERSTE BOND EM GOVERNMENT LOCAL, are available in German and, if applicable, in English at our offices at Am Belvedere 1, A-1100 Vienna as well as at the depositary bank or on our website at