Saving with funds made easy.

  • Invest regularly in an investment fund of your choice
  • Invest from 50 euro per month

Saving with funds made easy.

What is the s Fonds Plan?

With the s Fonds Plan – a fund savings plan – you invest regularly, about once a month, in an investment fund of your choice. You automatically invest a fixed amount and use it to buy fund units at the current issue price.

Lower price thanks to the cost-averaging principle

If you regularly pay in equal amounts, you can achieve a more favorable average price than with a one-time purchase. The “cost-average principle” is particularly useful when prices fluctuate strongly, as you purchase more units when prices are low than when prices are high. Note: Selling units when prices are low can lead to losses. 

More income through compound interest

Your earnings are automatically reinvested in accumulating funds and can start working for you immediately.

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