Take precautions in good time.

Looking to the future with peace of mind.

Rechtzeitig vorsorgen

Beruhigt in die Zukunft schauen.

The right time is NOW

Retirement is a long time coming - but your returns are not. The earlier you start your retirement planning, the higher your payouts can be at the end of the term. The payout amount in the s Fonds Plan at the end of the planned term depends on developments in the capital markets, which also includes the possibility of capital losses.

Lost time cannot be made up. In our example, Erika starts paying €100 per month into the s Fonds plan at the age of 25 (immediately after starting her career). From the age of 40, she stops paying in and her money remains in the fund until she retires (at age 65). In total, Erika has paid into the s Fonds plan for 15 years. Thomas, on the other hand, does not start looking after his pension until the age of 40 and also pays €100 per month into the s Fonds plan over a period of 25 years until retirement (at the age of 65). Assuming a performance of 4% p.a., Erika has an advantage of €26,380 over Thomas. She has paid in €12,000 less and has generated an additional return of €14,380 from the investment.

So don't waste any time and start your retirement planning today so that you can continue to enjoy life to the fullest in your old age.


Please note that investing in funds involves risks and may result in capital losses. For more information on the specific risks, please refer to the factsheet, the Key Investor Information Document and the prospectus or the information for investors pursuant to § 21 AIFMG.

Note: Depending on the performance of the investment fund, the performance of an s Fonds Plan will differ from that of a single investment (higher or lower). A loss of capital is possible in both cases.



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