After a difficult year of 2022 on the markets, many asset classes saw rebounding performances in 2023. While the central banks' turnaround on interest rates ensured a “return to normality” on the bond market, the focus on the equity market was primarily on technology companies. In the Funds exclusive series, the fund managers of selected funds look back on developments of the previous year and give their assessment of what the markets could expect in 2024. (Note: Prognoses are not a reliable indicator of future performance.)

Fund & Performance

The ERSTE RESPONSIBLE BOND GLOBAL HIGH YIELD is a bond fund whose investment universe is composed according ethical and sustainable criteria. Primarily, the fund invests in high-yield corporate bonds denominated in EUR, GBP or USD. Foreign currency risks are hedged on a strategic basis in most cases. The rating is primarily in the high-yield range (BB and lower). 

Commentary by fund manager Hannes Kusstatscher